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The CAPTAIN Returns!

William Shatner as Captain Kirk

WIlliam Shatner Returns for his first 2023 appearance at Star Trek Tour this July 7, 8, & 9! Purchase tickets now for the return of the CAPTAIN!

Star Trek production royalty Mike and Denise Okuda will be joining us for Mr. Shatner’s visit! Fresh off their brilliant contributions to Star Trek Picard, Mike and Denise will share a behind-the-scenes look at bringing the Enterprise D to life once more! Free with your event general admission. Or join them on a tour and learn how the original Enterprise influenced the Next Generation and much more! Tour tickets are available now!!

Join Set Tour owner and creator James Cawley on an insider’s look at the Starship Enterprise! And enjoy a sneak peek at some of our upcoming projects!! Tickets are available now!

Trekonderoga 2023

Trekonderoga 2023! Celebrating all things Next Generation with a little taste of Picard! August 18, 19, and 20, 2023. Look for announcements, ticket sales, and event schedule here!

Trekonderoga 2023 Poster

Special Photo Tours!

Come take a special photo tour of the set! Wear your Starfleet finest and our photographer will photograph you in each room.  We can take several shots and suggest fun poses. You will receive your photos by digital download* to enjoy!  Prices start at $49.99. Your Star Trek memories are priceless. Book your photo tour today!!!!

*Digital delivery by email only. Call us at 518-503-5497 for more information.

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Stay in the Beautiful Lake George Region

The Lake George Chamber of Commerce has joined with Star Trek Tour to help with finding a place to stay. They have a wonderful website that includes tons of accommodations close to the Star Trek Tour Set. Use the button below to access their web page. Use their contact information to help you find a place to stay in the region.

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