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Terry Farrell

Terry Farrell as Jadzia Dax

Terry Farrell brought to life the character of Jadzia Dax, a member of one the more interesting alien species from the Star Trek universe, the symbiont Trill.  Over the course of six seasons on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Terry brought a mix of seriousness, humor and friendly playfulness in her relationships with the characters of Commander Sisko and Dr. Bashir, among others.

Terry was born in the same state that was eventually christened as Captain Kirk’s fictional birthplace, Iowa.  Already almost six feet tall in high school, she modeled for 18 months before turning to acting, appearing in the motion picture comedy Back to School, and then stints on television such as Quantum Leap and The Cosby Show.

In the early 1990s, she joined the cast of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Her character was the focus of many popular episodes, allowing Terry to showcase her talents over several years.  After DS9, Terry joined the cast of Becker, starring alongside Ted Danson for four seasons.

As for the public side of her personal life, many Star Trek fans will know that Terry married Leonard Nimoy’s son Adam Nimoy just last year! This is Terry’s first visit to Trekonderoga – don’t miss the opportunity to meet Dax herself in the corridors of the Starship Enterprise, as she once roamed, in character as Dax, in probably the most popular episode of DS9, “Trials and Tribble-ations”, pictured here!