Session Descriptions

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Show off your best costumes and creativity!!! Prizes and laughs all around!!

Dennis Hotston

Open Roundtable

All are invited to join in a discussion of the Next Generation. This show remains the number one show, number one captain, and number one ship in the whole of the franchise. Share why YOU love it!!!!

James Cawley

Star Trek Topics

Set Tour owner and creator James Cawley discusses his connection to Star Trek how the set tour came to be and reveals what it takes to create The Next Generation set, coming soon!

Jim Yager “Uncle Jim”

Trek Talking: Podcasting, the Final Frontier

What is podcasting? How do you get started? How do people find you? This panel will discuss the Trek Talking podcast’s journey and how you can get started podcasting yourself.

Absolute Power: Starfleet Admirals and Why They Go Wrong

The majority of admirals seem to lose Starfleet ideals as they rise in the ranks. Why? We will discuss what we know about Starfleet admirals and why so many of them seem to be, in the end, kinda rotten.

KLINGONS off the starboard bow!

Who’s your favorite Klingon, who was the first Klingon we meet on Star Trek, why are Klingons so popular, and what does the future hold for them. Join us for a live interactive discussion, for glory of the Empire and honor of your house, QAPLA’

Dr. Szydagis

Science of TNG – What was Right and What was Wrong!

An audience-interactive presentation that should prove very educational! With clips from Star Trek: The Next Generation with a real physicist (inspired by TNG to become a physicist in the first place!) discussing where they got the science right, where they got the science wrong, physics specifically, and in what way. The warp drive, dark matter, holograms, time travel, transporters, tricorders/sensors, and more!

Doctor Alexander

Medicine in Star Trek the Next Generation

NASA ‘s own Dr. Alexander takes a look into what they thought the future held and what has actually come to pass – and what may still be in the works!!!

NASA Close Calls

things don’t always go to plan. A few times NASA had to think fast!!!

Marc Patten


Resident collectible expert Marc Patten of Heroes in Action takes a look at what makes a popular and valuable collectible, and how to spot one in the wild.

Phil Merkel

Name that Tune

Captain Phil from WUSB Stoneybrook plays Name that Tune with sci-fi TV and movie themes! How many can you get??? 

Best Thing Ever

Last year we created a safe space and talked about our favorite movies or episodes or songs and in several cases, we found that moment where you find our bliss – that minute or two buried within a piece of art like a movie, TV episode, music, etc. and how like a bolt of lightning it hit you.  Last year besides my own examples we had several people sharing that moment of bliss, their best thing ever with the audience.

Andrew Liptak

Cosplay and Costuming

Cosplay and costuming have long been a pillar of science fiction fandom. Andrew Liptak, author of Cosplay: A History, will talk about the role that Star Trek played in the evolution of the activity, and how it helped propel it into a mainstream phenomenon.

Joey Gates

It’s a Collector’s World

Fingerlake Comic Con creator and comic book savant Joey Gates takes a look at memorabilia collecting. 

Minigolf and Pizza

Minigolf and Pizza

Join James Cawley and the Set Tour crew for some pizza and nighttime minigolf. Get to know both crew members and your fellow attendees in a fun ice-breaking setting!!!



James Cawley ROCKS the house in his award-winning Elvis tribute performance!! Do not miss it!!



Ticonderoga High School is one of the few High Schools in the country with a planetarium. School staff members will be running tours of our solar system and beyond throughout the day on Saturday – be sure to check it out!




Roy Bjellquist

Filmation’s  Ark II

Roy Bjellquist, host of Roy’s Tie-Dye Sci-Fi, takes a look at 1976’s Saturday morning live-action science fiction show Ark II.

YOUR Love of Classic Trek

Is it the characters? The stories? The spaceships? The sets and props? Or the music and guest stars? Whatever your reasons, YOU are invited to be part of an interactive discussion among your fellow fans to share your love of classic Trek!!!

JP Cardin

10,000 Quatloo Pyramid

Quebec based JP Cardin, of Treksphere and Parlons Trek, hosts the 10,000 Quatloo Pyramid. Come and play a Trekified version of the ever-popular game show “The 10,000$ Pyramid”! Bring a partner or find one in the audience and with some luck, you might be logical enough to make it to the winner’s circle!

Dave McOwen

Humor in Star Trek

Star Trek isn’t known as a comedy (the relentlessly hilarious Lower Decks aside), but that doesn’t mean it isn’t chock full of humor. Let’s talk about our favorite funny moments in Trek, as well as why it’s such a crucial element of storytelling in the Star Trek universe.

Dave McOwen & Dani Reidel

Charnock’s Comedy Cabaret

Do you, like Data, wish to know what is funny? Join a few of the nerdiest stand-up comedians in the Alpha quadrant for an hour of our favorite sci-fi and science jokes!