Trekonderoga Frequently Asked Questions:

Is Trekonderoga just about Star Trek?

Trekonderoga is a Set Tour event that embraces a wide range of sci-fi and pop culture. Although we have a focus on the nostalgic, you will see a variety of pop culture represented.

When will Trekonderoga be held?

Trekonderoga is scheduled annually on the last Friday, Saturday and Sunday in August. Check our detailed schedules and maps for times and locations, and in order to plan your stay.

Where will Trekonderoga be held?

Trekonderoga is being held in Ticonderoga, NY. Check our detailed schedules and maps for times and locations, and in order to plan your day

Where can I stay?

This website has a list of accommodations in Ticonderoga and nearby towns as well as their contact information. Make reservations early! Ti hosts a lot of outdoor activities, such as fishing tournaments, so some places to stay can fill up in advance.

How can I get to Trekonderoga?

You can get to Trekonderoga, in Ticonderoga, New York, directly by car or train (there is no bus service), or by flying into an area airport.  For more information, please see the Directions page.

Is Trekonderoga suitable for children? What are the recommended ages?

Yes, all of the Trekonderoga events are family-safe activities. We have special, half price General Admission tickets for children 7-12 years old. Children 6 and under will be admitted free of charge. However, parents must purchase full price Special Events tickets to participate in such Special Events (see the Price List under the Tickets tab for all tickets). When a person buys one Photo Op ticket, it is good for up to two people (and only two), including children, to be in one photograph with a Star.
Children under 13 must be accompanied by an adult at all times. Children under 16 must be with an adult while in the Studio.

How do I preregister for the Trekonderoga event?

You purchase Event Admissions tickets here which will place you on our list of attendees.
You will then pick up your badge (which will show which tickets you have purchased) and your other registration materials upon arrival.  If you print out and bring your purchase receipt with you, this will facilitate the process, but is not a requirement.

Will there be photo ops with special guests? If so, are these included in the General Admission fee?

Yes, there will be such opportunities. The cost is not included in the General Admission ticket but can be purchased either in advance on the Trekonderoga website or at the door.

Can I buy tickets at the door?

You may purchase entrance tickets or purchase additional items at the Registration tables. See the schedule for locations and times.

When and where can I pick up my badge?

You may pick up your badge or wristband and any other event materials at Registration. See the schedule for locations and times.

Can I get a refund if I buy a ticket but can’t make it or don’t show up?

Ticket purchases are non-refundable. Purchasing a ticket reserves your place in the event and prevents others from attending. We regret the inconvenience this may cause. If there are extenuating circumstances, please contact us at, but refunds are not guaranteed.

If I have to leave during the day, can I come back in?

Yes. Just keep the badge with you that you are given at Registration.

Is there an additional fee for autographs?

Yes, our Stars charge for their autographs. They will sit at their autograph tables at the High School when they are not scheduled elsewhere. You may pay them in cash at their tables when they sign for you.

Is this event wheelchair-accessible?

All of the venues are wheelchair accessible. Wheelchair accessible bathrooms are located the High School and in the Town Community Building, and a wheelchair accessible port-a-pottie will be in front of the Studio with the others.
Moving between the venues will require walking or a very short drive. There is no wheelchair accessible local transport.

Will there be food and water available at the event site?

We are seeking vendors to provide food and drinks from carts but do not have any at present.
There are, however, many restaurants and fast food places nearby.

How about kosher, vegetarian or special dietary needs?

There are some restaurants, such as Libby’s Café on Montcalm Street, that serve vegetarian dishes, a Subway which can make special selections and carries a large selection of salad and veggies, and the Ticonderoga Natural Foods Coop (across the street from the Studio) that carries organic food. The local Walmart also carries lactose free milk and Libby’s Cafe has gluten-free bread for sandwiches. There are no restaurants providing kosher food. If you have special dietary needs, we suggest you call and talk to restaurants in the area before you come, or else bring your own food (the Best Western & Super 8 have mini-refrigerators in the hotel rooms).

Will there be adequate parking available?

Yes. There are 80 spaces at the Community College and many more just off of Montcalm Street across from the Community Building. There is parking on both sides of the High School, as well on nearby on street parking. There will be special Trekonderoga signs directing you to the parking. Please also see our maps in the menu links for locations.

Will there be signs for me to follow when I get to Ticonderoga?

Yes, there will be signs from the main highways and in the town.

Will there be somewhere for me to charge my phone/tablet?

There will be a few locations at the High School.

Will there be vendors/dealers? If so, what kinds?

The Dealers will be located at the High School. There will be both Star Trek items as well as wider pop culture items for sale.
Access to the dealer’s room is included in your general admission.

How much time will attendees get to spend with each of the Special Guests?


Are there any restrictions on videoing or photographing at Trekonderoga?

Videoing at the Set Tour is strictly prohibited and will be enforced. Photographs at the Set Tour are welcome. Your tour guide will instruct you.
There are no general restrictions on videos or photographs at the high school, but we do ask that you comply with instructions as given by presenters and celebrities there.

Are cosplayers permitted/encouraged? If so, is there a “no touching” policy to safeguard cosplayers and, if so, how will it be enforced? Is there a changing area for cosplayers?

Cosplay costumes and hall costumes are permitted, however, cosplay and LARP action on set and in all other indoor event spaces is forbidden. Cosplayers must not be noisy or disruptive. Cosplay weapons may not be drawn. Also read the section on weapons below.
Sorry, there is no place for cosplayers to change on set nor is there a green room at the High School. The best place cosplayers could don the costume would be at their hotel or off premises.
Trekonderoga supports and enforces a “no touching” policy. Cosplayers are encouraged to report any unwanted behavior to security who will notify police if necessary. Anyone behaving inappropriately will be escorted off-site, and will not be permitted back in, with no refund, and will be banned from future events. Police will be called if illegal activity occurs. The Ticonderoga Police, the Essex County Sheriff, and NY State Police are aware of the event in Ticonderoga.

What is Trekonderoga’s weapons policy?

No real weapons are allowed at any of Trekonderoga’s venues. Cosplay weapons are allowed but must not be drawn. Cosplayers must register any prop weapons with Security. Please check with Trekonderoga Security regarding reproduction weapons. No props or reproductions of weapons may be sharp-edged, and all must be in compliance with Local and NY State Laws.

Can I use a backpack at Trekonderoga?

Backpacks are not allowed at Set Tour, but you may use them at High School. Be prepared to present them for inspection if asked. We do not intend to inspect anyone, but if a rare or valuable prop disappears we reserve the right to search thoroughly for it.

Can I bring my pet (dog/cat/parrot/etc) with me?

Pets are not allowed in the Trekonderoga venues. However, registered working animals, e.g. for the blind or otherwise handicapped, PTSD dogs, and so on are allowed as required by law.

The Best Western Hotel charges $20/night/pet (plus tax) and must be reserved in advance. In addition, pets can be left in the room, but must be crated when the individual is not present in the room. There is a size limit of 30 lbs. The Super 8 motel also allows pets, and guests must sign their pet policy, but the room does not have to be reserved in advance. They charge $15/pet/night (plus tax). Pets cannot be left in the room unattended and must be taken with the guest when they leave the room. There is no size restriction.

I know of another event in the region/Northeast! Can I distribute flyers?

Yes. We will have a table at the High School site for flyers and advertisements. You are welcome to leave your flyers, consistent with space available on the table. First come, first served gets the table space.

What else can I do in the area?

Ticonderoga and the area nearby has a lot to recommend it! Please look at the Local Area Information heading on this website, especially at the “Attractions and Entertainment” and “Restaurants and Bars” sections.  Would you like to check out the Downtown Art Gallery, or how about a tour of Fort Ticonderoga? The area is rich with history, especially from the French and Indian War, the Revolutionary War, and the War of 1812. Did you know that the original USS Enterprise (which American forces under Colonel Benedict Arnold “liberated” from the British in 1775) lies at the bottom of Lake Champlain near Fort Ticonderoga? She had a short but glorious history with the brand-new United States Navy. Ticonderoga abounds with outdoor activities, including boating and other activities on Lake George and Lake Champlain, hiking trails to see the natural beauty of the Adirondacks, and more. Check out Ticonderoga for yourself .