Session Descriptions

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Dan Deevy: Gaaays In Spaaace: Live Long & Be Fabulous!

For over 50 years Star Trek fans have wondered if the LGBTQ community was a part of the all-inclusive, utopian vision of the future that Gene Roddenberry created for mankind. In 2016, Star Trek Beyond finally settled the debate when they gave us our first glimpse of a gay man who was alive and well in the future; followed by an actual gay couple on Star Trek: Discovery. ‘Gaaays In Spaaace’ was created to celebrate this historic step forward and has been joined by numerous members of the Star Trek family at events across the country! Join GIS founder, Dan Deevy and several surprise celebrity guests to hear about our journey so far, share your opinions & experiences, discuss why it’s taken so long to get here & why it’s more important than ever for LGBTQ+ character inclusion in sci-fi to continue!

The Freakopolis Geekery (Troy Rollins): SciFi Game Show!

Join us for an all-new event for this year’s Trekonderoga. Teams will compete in a fast-action game show format to win cool prizes. Teams will be comprised of winners from the trivia event and randomly selected contestants from the audience.

The Freakopolis Geekery (Troy Rollins): Star Trek Trivia!

Join us for this year’s big Trek Trivia contest where players are randomly selected from the audience, and winners take home great prizes. PLUS this year’s trivia winners will automatically make the team for our Game Show event.

Last year’s event was a huge success, let’s do it again!

Brian Holloway: Sorry! Session Cancelled.

Brian Holloway: Sorry! Session Cancelled.

Anna (Ania) Paluch: Metis Futurism: Rosalie Favell and Metis in Space Set Their Phasers to Decolonize the Sci Fi Universe.

Science fiction (sci-fi) as a borderless genre of media creates various possibilities of representation. Television shows like Star Trek introduce characters such as Spock, a little ‘m’ metis (mixed-race) character. But how are big ‘M’, aka Metis people, represented in Indigenous Futurist work; how do these artists, directors and authors tackle identity within their sci fi works? The proposed presentation will make connections with the themes found in mainstream sci-fi film and television in relation to the work of Métis artist Rosalie Favell in her series Plain(s) Warrior Artist and Cultural Mediations alongside the experiences of podcasters Métis in Space at the 2014 Montreal Comic Con and their general film reviews. As well, the presentation will look at the films of Danis Goulet and written work of Cherie Dimaline. By juxtaposing herself within her own images, Favell uses fantasy and sci-fi to address her Métis heritage and confront the whiteness and straightness of popular film and television heroines, while Metis in Space addresses the lack of positive Indigenous representation in popular medias, specifically the invisibility they felt dressing up as Métis space aliens at Montreal Comiccon. Dimaline and Goulet both tackle language and Indigenous dystopian realities, but with a twist; even in futuristic spaces, traditional culture is the key to survival. The work of these individuals speaks to a larger narrative of Metis identity, often overshadowed, within film and television, with references to historical struggles.

Bill Eggleton: Model Building 101.

Descriptions and demonstrations when practical, basic tools and techniques required to build and finish a plastic model kit.

Bonnie Moss: Stories shared about Leonard from other friends and acting peers.

Stories, and Questions and Answers.

Bonnie Moss: Personal anecdotes from a 35-year friendship.

Unique photos from Bonnie’s Nimoy collection before, during and post Star Trek, with some emphasis on his other talents/accomplishments.

Lolita Fatjo: Behind the Scenes of Preproduction: From Page to Screen

Script Supervisor and Pre-production Coordinator for Star Trek The Next Generation,Star Trek Deep Space 9, and Star Trek Voyager, Lolita Fatjo takes a look at writing and scripts and shares what it takes to bring a script to life. 

Dr. David Alexander, NASA: Towards the Unknown – Challenges to get to Mars.

The difficulties in human spaceflight and the challenges of human physiology on the trip to and from Mars

Ken Deep: Star Trek The Motion Picture at 40.

Possibly the purest movie expression of Gene Roddenberry’s vision. Did the release of Star Wars in 1977 actually hurt the legacy of this G rated masterpiece?

Ken Deep: Orville: A Union of Professionals!

The OTHER Star Trek series combines humor and storytelling in a series that turned out to not be Galaxy Quest after all.

Kent Schmidt & Marc Patten: Sci Fi Memorabilia

A look back at some of the classic Star Trek Memorabilia from The Franklin Mint, Bradford Exchange, Lincoln Enterprises, and others.

JP Cardin: Star Trek Discovery Season Two Recap!

Join JP and friends to relive the whole of Disco season 2, currently hailed as the better of the show’s two seasons.

Dennis Hotson: Pike!

In one short season, Anson Mount created a captain that was universally embraced by fans – fans who immediately demanded Pike get his own show! Explore what made this character so well loved.

Edwin Thrower with Ken Deep: Doctor Who 2019 and Beyond

Jodie Whittaker is the Doctor. What does the future hold for the legendary British sci-fi television show? Join us as we discuss where we think the Doctor is going in the upcoming year.

Edwin Thrower with Ken Deep: Doctor Who – The Tom Baker Years

The Fourth Doctor, Tom Baker, has an enduring appeal. A lively discussion of the bohemian Time Lord’s era.

S’Kai of Vulcan: Starship Magic!

Vulcan’s Greatest Magician, S’kai will use magic to demonstrate the capabilities of 23rd century starships. This is an adult oriented, though family-friendly program. S’kai is presented by Dr. Willie Yee. 

Doctor Willie Yee: Apollo Moon Science

July 20th marked the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11’s landing on the moon. While this historic event was both a national and technological achievement, it was also a scientific breakthrough. It sparked a major understanding of the moon, and in turn the rest of the solar system. This presentation will review some of the scientific findings of the Apollo missions, and others since.

Doctor Ronald Held: Faster than light travel

An educational session on the possibilities for faster than light travel (Dare we say “Warp”?).

Mike Rizzo: Spock Roundtable

A free form roundtable discussion of the Many Incarnations of Mr. Spock.

Mike Rizzo: Star Trek Roundtable

A free form roundtable discussion about anything Trek related.

Matthew Szydagis: Models for How Time Travel Could Work

From tachyons to wormholes and from black holes to cosmic strings, this talk will cover which physical processes and phenomena can lead to time travel, based on cutting-edge real science, to either the future or to the past. Which methods used in Star Trek are realistic, and which are totally crazy? Prof. Szydagis will come give his talk on time travel, made famous as a TEDx talk on YouTube, covering special relativity, general relativity, and quantum mechanics.

Terry Morgan: Sorry! Session Cancelled.

Terry Morgan was in an automobile accident and will be unable to make this years Trekonderoga. Terry looks forward to seeing everyone at next years event!

Kevin H. Knuth: The Flight Characteristics and Potential Origins of Unidentified Aerial Craft

A number of Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP) encountered by military, commercial, and civilian aircraft have been reported to be structured craft that exhibit `impossible’ flight characteristics. We consider a handful of well-documented encounters, including the 2004 encounters with the Nimitz Carrier Group off the coast of California, and estimate minimal accelerations and energies exhibited by the craft during the observed maneuvers. Estimated accelerations range from 100s to 1000s of times the acceleration of gravity with no observed air disturbance, no sonic booms, and no evidence of excessive heat commensurate with even the minimal estimated energies. In accordance with observations, the estimated parameters describing the behavior of these craft are both anomalous and surprising. In many cases the number and quality of witnesses, the variety of roles they played in the encounters, and the equipment used to track and record the craft suggest that these are indeed technologically advanced craft. The observed flight characteristics of these craft are consistent with the flight characteristics required for interstellar travel. That is, if these observed accelerations were sustainable in space, then these craft could easily reach relativistic speeds within a matter of minutes to hours and cover interstellar distances in a matter of days to weeks, proper time.

Roy Bjellquist: Science Fiction Television of the 1960’s

A retrospective look back at Science Fiction Television of the 60’s.

Roy Bjellquist: Space 1999: Year One

A look back the first season of Gerry Anderson’s cult Science fiction Television series, Space:1999. The first panel discussion will take a look back at the beginnings of this sci-fi classic series, as well as a discussion of the first 24 episodes.

Roy Bjellquist: Space 1999: Year Two

A second panel discussion regarding the sophomore year of Gerry Anderson’s Classic sci-fi series. We’ll look at the changes of the series involving the cast (notably the introduction of Maya), the tone of the series, discussion of the second 24 episodes of the series, Space:1999 today, and the upcoming BREAKAWAY: 2019 CONVENTION in Bethlehem, PA this September.

Bill Smith & Dan Davidson (Trek Geeks): Star Trek Saved My Life

As fans, we all feel a connection to Star Trek, but some have a very different relationship with the series because it’s saved their lives, literally.

We’ll discuss this element of fandom and tell the story of Trek Geeks’ Dan Davidson who, intent on ending his life one night, was stopped by an episode of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

This is a conversation of hope and positivity that shows how Star Trek affects those around us in ways we can’t always predict or imagine.