Session Descriptions

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Erik Johnson: Mad Science Handbook

Lecture and demonstration with a review of my new comic style project book. In this session you will learn a bunch of my best tricks for Cosplay.

Shyaporn Theerakulstit: The Absolutely True Science of Nerds

A completely scientific lecture on: Godzilla – The History, Biology and Behavior of a Hyper Evolved Theropod Kaiju. With Q&A. And maybe tap dancing. Spend an hour laughing with brilliant comedian and STNV’s very own Lt. Sulu, Shyaporn!

James Cawley: Building the Enterprise

The true story of one super fan’s quest to recreate the ship we love.

Roy Bjellquist: Remembering “Space: 1999

A retrospective look back at this spectacular science television series of the 1970’s. Highlights of the discussion will include the evolution of the series; the differences between the two seasons; the impact of the changes between Years One and Year Two; and fandom today.

Kent Schmidt: Whatever Kent will be talking about.

STNV Key Gaffer Kent Schmidt talks about something. Dive into the cinematography of key scenes, and learn what techniques filmmakers use to tell their story. Interesting insights for filmmakers and fans alike!

Terry Morgan: Magic for Kids and Adult Kids

Join veteran professional magician Terry Morgan as he entertains with magic and legerdemain. Then get to unlock his secrets and try the tricks for yourself as he teaches a few magic tricks and demonstrates how they are done!

Tobias Richter: Bringing the Enterprise to Life

Professional VFX artist Tobias Richter demonstrates the computer skills needed to bring the Enterprise from a simple sketch to a fully rendered, working ship in space. His skills are second to none, and the details he incorporates are absolute perfection. You will not believe it is a computer model, his work is so exact. Find out how it’s done in this panel – fascinating to both the tech savvy and the merely curious alike!!

Stuart Foley and Samuel Cockings: Trekyards: 50 Years of Ship Named Enterprise

Join Trekyards founders Stuart and Samuel as they look back on the history of the Enterprise. Highlighted will be the various incarnations of the ship over the years. How has she changed and evolved to be the Enterprise we know and love today?

Dr. Ronald Held: Where Will We Be in 2366? Part 1

Assuming there will be no warp drive developed in a hundred+ years, here are some techniques to take humans to the stars.

Dr. Ronald Held: Where Will We Be in 2366? Part 2

Building on the previous lecture, what systems might humanity have visited by 2366 given these travel techniques, and why might we go there based on what we know now?

Dr. Sonny White: Faster than Light – Warp Drive

This is a video of a presentation made by NASA’s Advanced Propulsion Lead, Dr. Harold “Sonny” White, recorded at SpaceVision on 8 Nov 2013.  It discusses his current research which involves attempts to create and measure a weak warp field using a warp field interferometer.  After the film, a short presentation will be made of updates to Dr. White’s research since 2013, including the new EM Drive.