Session Descriptions

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Non-Science Track

Jeff Bond: Acting for Free

My Experiences Working on Fan Productions with James Cawley, Richard Hatch and Others: Jeff Bond shares his unique experiences working on fan films, including the last project Richard Hatch was involved in. Come hear his special memories of Battlestar Galatica star Richard Hatch, and all the fun, and hard work, that goes into fan films.

Roy Bjellquist: Sci Fi of the 60’s

A retrospective look back at Science Fiction Television of the 60’s

Roy Bjellquist: Sci Fi of the 70’s

A continuation of the next decade of Science Fiction Television, from the 1970’s is remembered and discussed.

Roy Bjellquist: A Retrospective Look At Lost In Space From The 1960’s

A journey back to 1965 to discuss the Original Three Seasons of Lost In Space and its journey in science fiction history.

JP Cardin: Parlons Trek – DISCO!!

Is it Canon? Yes? No? Maybe? And what is coming in season 2? – JP Cardin takes a speculative look at Star Trek’s newest series. Haters to the left, we have nothing but love here for Trek in all its forms.

James Cawley: Film Academy

James Cawley introduces his long-awaited Film Academy – and give us a sneak peek at who the instructors will be!

Ken Deep & Edwin Thrower: Vintage Who

A lively discussion of the classic years of Doctor Who. Whether you’re new to Who or a fan from way back this panel explores everything that makes Doctor Who weird and wonderful. Ken Deep leads a panel of experts and invites the audience to join in evangelizing Britain’s best export.

Ken Deep & Edwin Thrower: The Future of Doctor Who

Jodie Whittaker takes over as the Thirteenth Doctor this fall. Ken Deep leads a discussion on what we can expect from the new era of Doctor Who. The audience and panelists are encouraged to voice a variety of opinions while staying true to the positive and optimistic spirit that the Doctor would expect.

Freakopolis: Star Trek on the Tabletop

Get an overview of some of the most popular tabletop gaming experiences set in the Star Trek universe! We’ll explore and compare some of the best games out there, from strategy systems like Star Trek Attack Wing, to Role-Playing games like Star Trek Adventures, and everything in-between. This session will help you make educated decisions for your next excursion into Star Trek gaming!

Joey Gates: Ins-and-Outs of the Collector’s World

A talk about the best ways to get deals, how to tell fakes from originals, what items hold value over time versus things that will surely die off in time.

Tara Theresa Hill: The Spirit Hour

There’s nothing like a good ghost story! Listen to ghost story writer, Tara Theresa Hill, talk about her favorite ghostly encounters. Feel free to share your paranormal experiences with the group as well.

Dennis Hotston: From the Monkees to the Stones

Music of the 60’s and it surprising connections to Trek – A look at the convergence of rock and roll and tv in the 60’s. There are surprising parallels and reflections between 60’s rock, tv, and social issues of the time.

Robert Mauro: Short Film Gold from the Sky – A Global SciFi Series

Gold From The Sky is an emotionally visceral, thought-provoking global sci-fi anthology with a diverse cast and crew from multiple continents. Set in the year 2067 AD, this five-part anthology tells the story of a global group of young astronomers who discover an impending catastrophic event and suddenly find themselves at odds with the Global Order as they attempt to save the world.

Terry Morgan: Batman – The Bright Night Panel

Take a trip down memory lane and explore all the details of the 66 Batman series! From the history to guest stars to the Bat-equipment, Terry Morgan will walk you through America’s favorite campy superhero half hour. Do you know all the famous celebs who did a Bat-Wall-Climb cameo? We promise you’ll leave doing the Bat-tusi!!!

Michael & Denise Okuda: Behind the Scenes of Trials and Tribble-ations!

When it comes to art design, Mike and Denise are Star Trek royalty, and we are very lucky to have them!! They will share a behind the scenes look at Trials and Tribble-ations, a brilliant episode that blended The Original Series and Deep Space Nine together seamlessly. Join the Okudas for a look at what goes into art design, and a few behind the scenes sneak peeks, on a popular Deep Space Nine episode!!

Michael Rizzo: Forbidden Planet, The Birth of Modern Sci-Fi?

Michael Rizzo, life time Sci-fi fan will discuss the impact of the classic film “Forbidden Planet” on the genre. This film is arguably the birth of modern Science fiction and helped shape what was to come. From Lost in Space, to Star Trek and beyond Forbidden Planets influences can be seen for decades.

Michael Rizzo: Star Trek Open Roundtable

Enjoy a light hearted open discussion on all things Star Trek, from TOS to Discover. Talk about what you love and what you don’t about Star Trek. Discuss plots, design and more. Hosted by Michael Rizzo lifelong Star Trek Fan with 23 years of broadcasting and video production experience currently a volunteer lighting grip and videographer with the Star Trek Original Set Tour. He promises not to break any yard sticks this year

S’kai: Starship Magic!

S’kai is Vulcan’s Greatest Magician. In an era of transporters, force fields, and replicators, he is able to engage audiences in an experience of astonishment and wonder. He will demonstrate the operations of a starship through acts of illusion and sleight-of-hand. This show is oriented towards adults with an interest in science fiction. It is suitable for children, though they may miss some of the many sci-fi-fi references. S’kai has studied magic with teachers extending in an unbroken line back to Harry Houdini.

Kent Schmidt: Lord of the WTH?

A look back at the Bakshi classic version of LOTR – Remember that animated version of Lord of the Rings from our childhood? Known for its extensive rotoscoping, and arguably a big influence on Peter Jackson, this film became a cult classic and favorite version of LOTR fans worldwide.

Kent Schmidt: “Who are you, what do you want, and why are you here?”

A Babylon 5 Retrospective – J. Michael Straczynski’s epic serial sci fi show broke new ground in storytelling and pioneered the use of computer generated graphics. Kent looks back at the series, and some of its notable achievements.

Science Track

Dr. Ronald Held: The Science of Star Trek Discovery

Join Dr. Held for a look at the science surrounding the newest Star Trek series. Is something like the Spore Drive theoretically possible?

David Quinn: TESS

NASA Mission Director David Quinn gives us an update on TESS, the newly launched Transiting Exoplanet Satellite Survey.

Dr. Valerie Rapson: Adventures on NASA 747- SOFIA

The Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy (SOFIA) is a NASA-owned modified Boeing 747 aircraft with a 2.5m infrared telescope. Astronomers and educators fly nightly and take pictures of stars and galaxies to learn more about how they form and evolve. Join Dr. Valerie Rapson from the Dudley Observatory at miSci as she shares with us her adventure on the SOFIA aircraft, the research she is conducting, and what it’s like to fly on a giant plane with a hole cut out of the back.

Dr. Matthew Szydagis: The Physics of Time Travel

From tachyons to wormholes and from black holes to cosmic strings, this talk will cover which physical processes and phenomena can lead to time travel, based on cutting-edge real science, to either the future or to the past. Which methods used in Star Trek are realistic, and which are totally crazy? Prof. Szydagis will come give his talk on time travel, made famous as a TEDx talk on YouTube, covering special relativity, general relativity, and quantum mechanics.

Dr. Matthew Szydagis: The Search for Dark Matter

The elusive dark matter particle has eluded direct detection for decades. A common feature in Star Trek episodes, usually appearing in the form of a concentrated nebula, we will discuss the real science behind dark matter, what we think it could really be, and what its properties would be. We will talk about the world-leading detector technologies based on different crystals and fluids for detecting dark matter in colliders, underground, or in space.

Dr. Willie Yee: NASA in 2018

Dr. Yee will review NASA’s active missions in 2018 including the Mars Insight Probe, the Transitiing Exoplanet Survey Satellite, the Parker Solar Probe, and the manned space mission vehicle tests.